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Where to Save and When to Hire a Bath Remodeling Contractor

What are the first two questions that come across your mind when thinking about the home you'd like to buy or rent? Here are the most common:

How many rooms?
How many bathrooms?

Bathrooms are key areas for renters or buyers. They are essential for living standards and a nice bathroom can add tremendous home value (especially when it comes to the master bathroom).

Bathroom remodeling is a smart investment. Even though we are in a Do It Yourself era, there are certain projects where you'll want to work with a contractor. Here are some basic bathroom remodeling projects to consider where to save, and when to spend.

6 Bathroom Remodeling Projects

SAVE: Tile Floor Installation or Re-tile Bathroom Floor
Most department stores offer courses on the proper way to tile a floor. They even have the products onsite. If you have a project-oriented mindset, this could be a good area to find a design you like, and try it out.

SPEND: Shower Installation and Replace Tubs
Not only are showers and tubs heavy, but they are made of delicate, breakable material. They also are directly connected to important plumbing features. These can lead to big time problems if you do one minor thing wrong, so it is wise to hire a contractor to install as well as remove old features.

SAVE: Painting Bathroom Walls
Motivated to contribute to home value? Go to town on painting your bathroom walls.

SPEND: Sink and Toilet Installation
A good rule of thumb, anything that has the potential to cause major damage should be left to the professionals. These include sinks and toilets, as fastening them to the wall and floors can be trickier than anticipated, but essential for safety. Like the shower and tub, they also have important plumbing connections.

SAVE: Bathroom Decorating
Though it can be a smaller room to decorate, there are a lot of ways to have fun with colors and design. From your toothbrush holder and trash can, to the bathmats, shower curtain, mirrors and towels.

SPEND: Bathroom Expansion
If part of your bathroom remodeling project includes expansion, hire a contractor. There are so many details when it comes to piping, knocking out walls, framing, and overall expansion, the best way to guarantee a perfect project outcome is to rely on a professional.

A great bathroom can say a lot about a home. In this budgeting economy, there are definite ways to upgrade your bathroom that you can do yourself, as well as areas where you should hire a bathroom remodeling contractor. Be smart and confident in your decisions and enjoy the results.

Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com