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Notes When Working with a Bathroom Remodeler

Okay, you've planned your bathroom remodeling project and gathered details. You’ve received multiple bids from bathroom remodelers and you’ve selected a contractor.

From start to finish, there are a few things you should implement.

1) Make sure to get a written contract.
Bathroom remodeling can be more comprehensive then you think. You may need plumbing work. What if you want to do a full shower installation, or just replace the cabinets and tile flooring? Make sure you have the details in print.

2) Stay in open communication with the bathroom remodeling contractor about time and budget.
In most cases, you can expect that the project will need adjustments. You may have an awkward waterline or maybe the tub is the wrong size. Staying involved in the project means that you understand additional time and money needed.

3) Remember, if you make any changes to the project, add that to the contract and expect more time for completion and more payments.
There is a different between project changes you can't control and those that you can and request. If you make changes, say to the type of flooring or sink you want, you will need to adjust the contract to reflect them.

4) Never pay all up front or in cash.
Keep track of the project status and payments. This way you and the contractor remain on the same page from start to finish.

5) Make sure to have a non-liability agreement or clause in the contract
Sometimes, bathroom remodeling can be more dangerous than expected. When working with water, there is a chance of slipping. Tubs, showers, and toilets are also heavy fixtures that need to be handled cautiously and with care.

Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com