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HVAC systems for cooling your home, (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) are designed to provide heating, cooling, and good air quality, as well as to conserve energy and save money. With rising energy costs, an increase in consumer awareness of environmental issues, and tighter restrictions being imposed by the EPA, HVAC manufactures have made great strides in the manufacturing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

An HVAC technician can explain the benefits of a HVAC system for cooling your home and the high-efficiency humidifiers and dehumidifiers and air filtration systems that compliment it and provide you with healthy and clean indoor air quality. Window units are unsightly and are very inefficient for cooling large spaces whereas a central air conditioning unit is more cost effective and can cool an entire house much more efficiently.

Which HVAC System is Right for You

There are many different companies that advertise their expertise in installing an HVAC system. Be sure to check that the company you choose utilizes licensed contractors who have trained on the system being installed. Installation can be technically challenging, as most systems have complex computers and timing devices. It is a job for a licensed HVAC technician who can install the right central air-conditioning system based on the cubic footage of your home.

Understanding Your Options

The HVAC technician can explain what your options are. Important factors you will need to discuss with your technician include: Whether to have a central air conditioning system with a compressor that uses a liquid or gas coolant, or a local system that would provide heating or cooling to a specific area; The type of ventilation needed; The requirements of baseboard heat and whether it requires an individual thermostat control. To ensure your HVAC system is installed correctly and performs optimally, it is best to utilize the services of a professional.

Ask a Professional

Many companies provide performance checks, heating repair, emergency service, and air conditioning repair. Be sure to check which services the company who you select offers. Each system has an energy star rating and you should ask your HVAC technician for information on each system’s performance. Most manufacturers provide a yearly cost of operation, including air conditioning repair, heating repair, and basic maintenance.

Before selecting which company to use and HVAC technician to hire, ask for references and check with the city for complaints or violations reported. Be sure that the company has obtained the necessary permits from the city before starting the job. If you are subcontracting check whether the HVAC technician is certified by the state and is skilled in the sheet metal duct work that is required in installing a central air conditioning system. Take time to read the contract and ask questions before authorizing the start of the job to ensure the system that is being installed is exactly what you want and will provide the required air quality and climate control for your home.

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