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Ideas for Enhancing Your Kitchen

Ask a knowledgeable kitchen remodeling contractor or real estate agent and you will get the same answer: a kitchen remodel is the interior home improvement project that adds the most value to your home.

The expertise of a licensed contractor ensures that your project is completed safely and to proper code standards. Your choice in a contractor is a big decision whether you are making minor changes such as fixtures and cabinets, or doing a complete remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

As with any kitchen remodeling project, defining your budget is key. Begin with the floor plan. Are you are going to keep the original plan or make changes? What are your plans for the existing cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring, sinks and lighting? Are you planning on changing, keeping, or updating?


Choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your taste, life style, and budget is much easier when working with a kitchen remodeling contractor as she/he can present you with available choices. Investing in custom kitchen wood cabinets can make a big difference in giving that unique touch or creating an upscale look.

Kitchen Flooring

A crucial element in your kitchen remodel is tile for your backsplash and your flooring. You can choose modern, glossy floor tile, rustic stones, or any style in between. The choices are limitless with hundreds of colors and patterns. A tile contractor can install a Radiant Electric Floor Heating system to heat up those cold tile, stone, or wood surfaces.

Kitchen Counter-tops

A qualified kitchen remodeling contractor is your best choice for counter-top replacement, regardless of what material you choose. Recent advances in production of counter-tops are yielding greener, more economical materials that are easier to maintain and repair than the traditional wood, marble, or granite counter-tops. Your contractor can provide you with the pros and cons of each type of surface and help you find the one that is right for your desired look and needs.

Kitchen Sinks

A new kitchen sink is the simplest job that can easily revamp the look of your kitchen. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can check to see whether your current sink is leaking, rusted, chipped or just plain outdated and can suggest styles to suit your tastes and budget. Choose from glass sinks in a variety of vibrant colors, or fireclay sinks with painted designs that are extremely durable and attractive. Copper and brass sinks add old-world charm, and stainless steel sinks will last for years without rusting.


When planning your kitchen lighting, pay special attention to where your main task areas will be, like where your family will be dining, cooking, or doing homework. An electrician can help you with choices.

Natural light is one of the best forms of lighting. It can be accomplished by the addition of windows or skylights that provide lots of light, fresh air, and views. To add a touch of elegance, under-cabinet lighting can be very effective, as are lights in glass cabinets. Consider adding chandeliers with dimmers or colored lights to create your own unique ambiance.

In remodeling whether you are simply purchasing a kitchen appliance with an energy-star rating or constructing a brand new “green” kitchen, from flooring to countertops, cabinets, and lighting a professional kitchen remodeling contractor expertise can turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen.


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