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Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Lawn

Green landscaping, or sustainable landscaping, is a growing trend for today’s homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make environmentally friendly choices in their lives, homes, and gardens. Gone are the days of cookie cutter lawns and sky-high water bills. Instead, homeowners are investing in green lawns and designing and maintaining beautiful gardens. These spaces require lower maintenance, provide a habitat for wildlife, and reduce material waste.

Consult a professional landscaper who can help you design a plan that will best suit your recreational and practical needs. Your landscape architect professional can also help you make the right choices in terms of plant varieties, water irrigation systems, lighting, and walkways to ensure your backyard is beautiful, healthy, sustainable, and uniquely you!

Go Native: Choosing the Right Plants for Where You Live

Native plants are essential to green landscaping. They are more resilient to disease, require less maintenance, and attract essential wildlife such as bees and butterflies.

Your landscaper can help you through the often confusing process of deciding what to plant and how to care for each species.

Irrigation and Water Saving

Owning a green lawn means being smarter with your use of natural resources. A professionally installed irrigation system allows the maximum water absorption and minimal waste with water-saving technology such as smart controllers, low-flow nozzles, timers, and soil moisture sensors. New green landscaping technology ensures that your plants get just the right amount of water.

Walkways and Pavers: Getting Around Your Garden

Find a contractor that can help you design and install a patio or walkway that can endure weather and wear. He or she will ensure your walkway is properly supported and level, and won’t create future water drainage issues in your backyard. Your landscaper can suggest the right materials that suit your needs and look.


Having lighting in your garden means you can enjoy it even after the sun goes down. A professional can help you to strategically place lighting to best accentuate your green lawn.

New technologies not only allow you to program lights to turn on and off at specific times, but are powered by solar energy thus reducing the amount of your monthly electricity bill.

Your landscape architect professional can also help you to design a “moonlight garden” that blooms white and can be seen and enjoyed by the light of the moon.

Grow Your Own Food

Today’s homeowners are also more aware of the harmful use of pesticides and are demanding healthy, organic produce. It’s becoming more popular for homeowners to plant their own vegetable and herb gardens, because even small plots can produce bountiful harvests. Utilizing the expertise of a professional landscaper can help you make your vegetable garden a success by determining which plants are compatible growing next to each other and in what location they would thrive.

Go Green

Today’s homeowners are trading in their lawns for viable green landscaping that saves money, time, and resources, and reflects a unique design feel.


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