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Hiring the Best Landscape Company for Your Project

When it comes to home improvement projects, your rate of return is a direct result of the effort put in the project. Working with a landscape contractor mean you’ll get the curb appeal needed to directly boost your home value.

3 Portals: Landscape Contractors Listings

The three mains ways to search for a landscaper are through advertising (either online or print), referrals, and online directory. Each has their own benefits to consider.

Direct Advertising from Local Landscaping Companies

When you utilize advertising, sometimes you can see discounts the company offers. If you’re researching online, you can personally check credentials and get results based on a specific search. You can read reviews, but this effort will take a lot of time on your end to find the right contractor.

Landscaping Referrals from Trusted Sources

Many people also ask for contractor referrals from friends. Trusted advice is a good idea, but remember it can be tricky when it comes to your project needs. Unless your yard layout and natural lighting are the same of the referral source, and you are looking for the exact project they implemented, you may want to consider multiple contractor bids.

Landscaping Contractor Online Directories

Finally, there is the online directory and lead form. We are in a web-savvy world and lead generation sites are an ideal way to receive multiple, qualified contractor bids. The site host companies do the contractor verification for you. All you have to do is fill out a form and you can receive multiple free estimates for your project. Do expect to be contacting directly from the company.

Basic Background Prep of Landscaper

Now that you know that avenues you can consider for finding a contractor, you’ll want to make sure to ask about the following before hiring:

  • License and Registered: Is the landscaping contractor legal to do work in the area
  • Insured: Make sure they have some sort of worker’s compensation so you will be safe from liability
  • Referrals: Do they have previous customers that could provide beneficial insight
  • Years In Business: While it may not be too important to you how long they have been established, it is important that they have professional experience
  • Permit: Do they have the permission and correct measurements for the project

These tips should help you feel more confident in your hiring decision. And remember, you can always check up on contractors through your local government websites and the Better Business Bureau.

Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com