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Frame Your House with Landscape Designs

We are in a budgeting era and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are on the rise. This can be a fantastic idea for general gardening and decorating, but some projects should be left for landscaping professionals.

Plan Your Landscaping Design Project

Having the details of the project before contacting a landscaper will help you get the best estimate. Consider these questions to prepare for your landscaping project:

  • COST: Do you have a budget or range for spending? How are you planning to pay? Does this include the cost of plants and any lawn materials?
  • TIME: What is your timeline? When would you like to begin? How often will the contractor have access to your yard?
  • RESULTS: What is your goal for the project and what results are you seeking? Are you open to suggestions? How about the maintenance and upkeep level? Will you be hiring a landscaping company or will you do it?
  • EXAMPLES: Do you have pictures of the types of plants you know you want to have? What about the layout? Do you know you want a patio also or water feature?

  • PROJECT PREP: Have you already picked out and/or purchased the plants, mulch, soil and water features, etc.? Is the yard cleared of some items that may obstruct the size and construction work?
  • Now that you have a strong understanding of your project ideas, you’re now ready to find the right landscaper.

    Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com