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Considerations for House Painting Colors

House painting can be a challenge, whether you are choosing paint for a brand new home or repainting your present domicile. It is advisable to choose the highest quality paints for a beautiful finish and long-lasting durability.

The first step in undertaking such a project would be seeking the advice of a painting contractor. Providing information about paints, interior painting color combinations, and the choices for your exterior surfaces to be painted would eliminate the nightmares of your original guess work plan or the unsolicited advice of your mother-in-law.

Have a Plan

The ideal starting point is having a budget and a definite plan about the project so that the painting contractor can be clear on what your needs and goals are and how you envision the finished project. Are you planning on interior painting or does your budget allows exterior painting as well? A qualified painting contractor can give you advice on paints that can not only highlight the architectural features of your home, but significantly increase its market value. A painting contractor will also know the city and county codes and regulations on using different types of paints including lead-based paints.

What Looks Good for Your Home

The location and architectural design of your home are factors to be considered when choosing colors for exterior painting. Is your home on the beach? Are you repainting a small mountain retreat or remodeling and repainting a Mediterranean villa, or perhaps a 1900 Victorian beauty? A painting contractor with his experience can suggest colors that can harmonize with the beauty of the surroundings or the use of a variety of color combinations to accent the wonderful features.

Complement the Interior

When painting the interior of your home there are many factors to consider. The different rooms and decorating styles - a color that is good for a master bedroom might not work in the dining room. The walls, the doors, door frames, windows, window frames, window sills, the skirting floor boards and even the flooring itself are factors to be considered.

Your Color Scheme

A painting contractor can be a valuable asset in helping with interior paint colors and color combinations. For a new fresh look of pastels, making a bold statement with contrasting colors or accent wall, or even a more traditional or classic look using near color matches, get suggestions and feedback with your interior painting choices from a qualified painting contractor.

Painting Process

After determining the colors, the primer, the type of interior or exterior paint (gloss, semi gloss, and matte), using oil-based or the more environmentally friendly water-based paints, and the decision of the trim areas, it is time to select a painting contractor. Before making a decision on a painting contractor be sure to check on whether he is licensed and insured if required by your state. It is advisable to get a least three bids on your project. A fresh coat of paint will pay off for years to come.

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