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Go Beyond the Colors for Interior Painting Projects

There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up a room in your home. Colors can help with lighting, size perception, and overall theme collaboration. One cost efficient way to save when working with a painting contractor is to already have purchased the paint.

You've explored various colors and you may have even bought sample sizes to see the initial look in a room. Are you ready to buy? Not yet. The type of paint you need goes beyond just a color you like.

How is Interior Paint Formulated

Consider what Sherwin Williams says about interior paint on their site:

"The type of paint you'll use depends on how the room to be painted will be used and the type of finish you want. Interior paint is specifically formulated to provide:

-Scrubb-ability and stain resistance
-Good hiding ability
-Good coverage
-Spatter resistance
-Easy touch-up"

Types of Interior Paint

There are two main types of interior paint: Latex and Oil. Each offer various benefits, so it's best to work with a painting contractor on recommending the types needed for specific rooms depending on usage.

Consider this, in your kitchen, you may be subjecting the wall to food splattering and steam. Walls in bathrooms can expect to see water and soap. Your living room may see a little furniture scuffing. Make sure you have the type of paint, not just to color, that can withstand the usage.

Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com & Sherwin Williams site