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Know Your Roofer

You home’s roof is essential for interior protection. Because it has an important role, for roof repair or re-roofing, get bids from multiple professionals. Here are some questions you may want to ask before hiring a roofing contractor:

1. Are you licensed?
A roofer should receive a card stating that they are approved to do business. Not every state requires a license, but you can go to your local government site for background information.

2. Do you have liability insurance?
Accidents happen, especially when working with ladders, high levels and awkward angles. Make sure you won’t be responsible for payment by only hiring a roofer with insurance.

3. What is your specialty/trade?
Some roofing contractors prefer smaller jobs like small shingle repair or roof inspections while some prefer re-roofing or installing a different type of roof. Make sure you find a roofing contractor that matches your project needs.

4. How long have you been in business?
Experience is key for the best results. In roofing, the more you've done the project, the more tactful you will be.

5. Who will be doing the actual work? Who will oversee the day-to-day job?
For some projects, the person that you talk to or that gives the estimate is not always the person doing the work. The contractor will need access to your home, so it’s important you know who will be doing the work and that you are comfortable with them.

6. How long with the job take?
Having an incomplete roof is not a good idea. Timelines are important, especially when it comes to protecting your home.

7. How many other projects are you working on?
It may be beneficial to know what’s on their plate. Are you a top priority? Will the project take longer since they are working on many other ones?

8. What kind of mess, noise, and inconvenience should I expect?
Depending on the project, you may want a clear understanding of what you can expect so you can plan around any inconveniences like entrances into your home.

9. What problems may come up? How will they affect timeline/budget?
When the roofing contractor comes to review a project, they may be able to give some insight on potential issues based on past experiences. For instance, the insulation under the roof shingles, if it's a simple repair to fix an issue or if you need a new roof, rotting issues, etc. This could not only help you better understand timeline, but it allows contractors to feel more confident in their estimates.

10. What timeframes will you be working? Do you work on weekends?
Since the contractors will need access to your home, you’ll want a clear understanding of the hours they plan on working.

More questions may arise as you get a sense of the project. These 10 will help you feel more comfortable about your investment while at the same time helping the roofer communicate the process.

Source: 123ContractorQuotes.com