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Eco-Friendly Roofs Help Cut Back On Homeowner Expenses

Green Roofing

Reducing the cost of monthly utility bills and saving energy is a goal of virtually any homeowner. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by installing energy efficient roofs. Roofing insulation can be a costly and time consuming project, however putting in place a sustainable roof that keeps energy costs from skyrocketing in the winter and summer is a valuable investment whose benefits outweigh the initial costs.

Let a Roofing Contractor Help

The first step with any green roofing project is to hire a licensed roofing contractor. Roofing installation requires a skilled carpenter to work at dangerous heights and lift heavy materials to ensure that work is done to code – this can be an arduous task for an average homeowner and is better left to an experienced professional. A professionally installed energy efficient roof means your roof will survive the test of time and wear and will require less roof repair in the long run.

Green Roofing Products

Green roofing products are readily available. These include shingles composed of recycled materials such as plastic or reclaimed lumber, rubber roofs made from recycled auto tires, and metal roofs (considered one of the best options for a homeowner). Since metal roofs are more durable and fire-resistant, they are an ideal choice for building sustainable roofs. The roofer you select will be able to guide you through the process of selecting roofing materials to best suit your needs and budget.

Solar Panel Roofs

Installing solar panels is a great money saving device when considering green roofing. Solar panel roofs can provide electricity for the home and heat water. Another option in harvesting solar energy is the use of solar tiles. One reason solar titles work well is because they fit the preexisting design of the roof. An experienced roofer can help you incorporate solar panels into the roof design for your home. The increased energy savings from having solar paneled roofs fitted with solar tiles outweighs the additional cost of design and installation.

Cool Roof Installation

An excellent option that can lower energy costs by as much as 15% annually is the use of a cool roof. Although many cool roofs are traditionally white, homeowners can now select from a wide range of colored shingles. These lighter colors are ideal for cool roofs as they absorb less heat than darker colored shingles. If you do choose to have a roofing contractor install a cool roof, it is important to find one with an energy star rating.

Energy Efficient Roof Installation

Prior to beginning any roofing project, check to see what city or county requirements are needed – a licensed roofing contractor will help to obtain a building permit and pass an inspection. Be sure to check fire ratings, hail ratings and warranties of the products considered in any roofing project. Additionally, insurance companies may qualify homeowners for special discounts if green materials are utilized.


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