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123 Contractor Quotes works hard to make sure that all companies listed on our website are reputable and are applicably licensed to perform remodeling & home improvement work. 123 Contractor Quotes is aware of the fact that accidents, misunderstandings or damages can occur in the process of home construction or repair. However, in no way does 123 Contractor Quotes make any representations or guarantees regarding the services or merchantability of the services rendered by the vendors listed on our website. In the case that a problem arises with a vendor that you found through our website try to work out your problem directly with the vendor. If you are still not satisfied with the service rendered by the vendor please contact us immediately, we will make note of the problem and inform the vendor of the complaint. If 123 Contractor Quotes receives additional complaints regarding the vendor or if your complaint is egregious and it is clear that the vendor must resolve the problem, 123 Contractor Quotes reserves the right to remove the company from our listing service and drop them from our website.

Please keep complete records of your project including; contracts, receipts, cancelled checks, notes, estimates/proposals and the identification numbers of the contractor you are working with.

123 Contractor Quotes is committed to providing quality services. Please feel free to contact our service department directly, for any reason whatsoever at (201) 947 3322 or email us.

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